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Welcome to Dufour Energy

Founded in 2002 by Damien Dufour, Dufour Energy is an independent energy industry consultancy based in Calgary, Canada. Dufour Energy provides natural gas analysis and hedging recommendations to marketing and trading entities, producers and end users. Our market analysis and hedging strategies are based on a solid understanding of fundamental, price seasonality analysis, and a discipline approach to portfolio management. Dufour Energy periodic publications focuses on providing timely opinion on the short and medium term direction of natural gas prices for NYMEX, AECO, and the major trading hubs in Canada. The periodic publications cover the major market fundamental price drivers as well as technical trends and price seasonality. Dufour Energy has organized many energy conferences in Calgary since 2005 covering LNG, natural gas market globalization.

From 1995 to 2002, Mr. Damien Dufour traded natural gas for one of the largest energy player in North America. During that time, he was instrumental in formulating natural gas portfolio products and providing fundamental and trading analysis to support the company's activities.

Mr. Dufour is one of the of the cofounders of Galveston LNG, a Calgary based company that was involved in the early development of an LNG export terminal in Kitimat, B.C. and currently owned by 2 large international Oil and Gas companies.